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Getting Through What You're Going Through

Getting Through What You’re Going Through

Robert A. Schuller offers ten principles based on Psalm 23 to help break down the barriers to healing and help readers “get through” their difficult times.

Whether you’re facing divorce, illness, the death of someone you love, a financial setback, or any other seemingly insurmountable problem, this book can be the answer to your prayers. Schuller’s ten principles will take you verse-by-verse through the Twenty-third Psalm, while breaking down barriers to healing, including self-pity, guilt, fear, and the inability to forgive. Above all, Getting Through What You’re Going Through proves the healing power of faith and prayer. “To get through what you’re going through, you must be willing to be carried, and that takes trusting,” explains Schuller. “Let go and let God support you, and your faith will lead you out of the valley into the Promised Land.”




When You're Down To Nothing, God Is Up to Something

When You are Down to Nothing, God is Up to Something:
Discovering Divine Purpose and Provision When Life Hurts

Everyone gets “down to nothing” at some point in life, whether in relationships, finances, vision and courage for the future, physical or emotional exhaustion, or disappointment with God–everybody at some time comes to the end of their rope. It’s exactly at those points that God does His best work. When we’re down to nothing, God is up to something–truths to teach us, answers to satisfy us, assurance to bolster us, resources to supply us, or directions to guide us.

In this book, Robert Schuller chronicles a particularly dark period in his life and shares with the reader what he learned God was up to in his relationships, meeting his needs like health and finances, providing guidance in his emotional life, but most of all, in learning to know and trust God more.





Leaning In To God, When Life Is Pushing You Away

Leaning into God When Life is Pushing You Away

Robert A. Schuller explores the various ways individuals lose or experience interference with their connection to God. He explains that emotions such as shame, regret, fear, and disappointment can stand in the way of the intimate association God wants with His children.
The good news is that when His people are struggling, God stays close. There are many ways to reestablish a dynamic connection with Him. Schuller calls these “Connection Corrections” and leads readers through identifying communication barriers and how to break them. Each chapter delves into the reasons readers fail to connect with God, how to begin repairing the broken wires, and the life-altering benefits of restoring a positive, power-filled relationship with Him. Readers who feel adrift from God will no find that no barrier is too big to keep them from a close, loving relationship with Him.





Walking in Your Own Shoes
Discover God’s Direction for Your Life

God had a specific reason when he formed us to be individuals, unique creations that each fulfill a special purpose. Everything we are, have been, and will be is all part of a grand plan of God’s love. Everything helps to shape us into the people God wants us to be and where we find our inner satisfaction, joy, and meaning.






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“Leaning into God When Life is Pushing You Away”(Faith Word).
“Where Jesus Walked” (Hour of Power).
“Power for Life Bible,”(Thomas Nelson).
“Gods Answer for Your Physical, Financial and Spiritual Health”(Hour of Power).
“Walking in your own Shoes”(Faith Word).
“A Legacy of Success” (J. Countryman).
“Possibility Living” (Harper San Francisco).
“In Search of Morality”( F. H. Revell).
“What Happens to Good People When Bad things Happen to Them.” (F. H. Revell).
“Dump Your Hang-Ups: Without Dumping Them on Others.” (F. H. Revell).
“Just Because Your on a Roll…Doesn’t Mean You’re going Down Hill” (F.H. Revell).
“Strength for the Fragile Spirit” (Thomas Nelson).
“Worlds Greatest Comebacks” (Thomas Nelson).
“Power to Grow Beyond Yourself” (F.H. Revell).
“Getting Through the Going Through Stage” (Thomas Nelson).
“Be an Extra Ordinary Person in an Ordinary World,” Edited by Robert A. Schuller (F. H. Revell).
“Robert Schuller’s Life Changers” Edited by Robert A. Schuller (F.H. Revell).