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A new location

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This is the new location of Rev. Dr. Robert A. Schuller’s business and professional services website, part of an online office for Dr. Schuller.

RobertSchullerJr.com will now redirect to the recently acquired RobertAnthonySchuller.com (where you are have now arrived.)  Other domain names may also be pointed this way, be listed on the Web Links page or retired from use at their expiration date.

Components within this site have all been updated as well as some content which will be much the same other than page(s) it appears on or the evolving content on the News and Updates Blog here that is business/professional information, whereas a separate blog presence remains for ongoing work of Robert Schuller Ministries.

This is the commencement of consolidating and updating Internet resources in one place, managed professionally for Dr. and Mrs. Schuller on a volunteer basis via the newly established hub under the former moniker of Bobby Schuller’s previous ministries:

The Gathering Community Church Network

Content propagation and updating will be ongoing as of this post.

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